Guidelines For Cheap Motorbike Tours: Read Or Not?

Recently there have been a lot of sharing on experiences of having motorbike trips to certain places with little money in the pocket all over the Internet. Those writings are censured and criticized mostly by big brothers or sisters in the field of motorbike traveling. Travel bloggers condemn them with the idea that experiences are the premier element of traveling by motorbikes. Thus the sharing with low price is meaningless. The question raised here is whether we should read those posts on how to make cheap motorbike tours or not?

Though the author is not a well-experienced man on motorbike traveling, I have had chances to talk to some seniors in this field, participate in plentiful offline meetings and join in many motorbike tours to attain better understanding. From the writer’s perspective,…

Posts for cheap motorbike tours are advisable

Even though Vietnamese are considered to be unprosperous with the limited budget, our passions for discovering and exploring new places and destinations are equally compatible to international friends. Properly due to the economic issue, wherever we go, the price is always among our top concerns.
The same as in regular tours, if you choose tours from companies, you will consider among the tour fees. If you arrange tours yourselves, you will care about the costs you have to cover. And if you go individually, you will try to reduce the expenses as much as possible.

Therefore, guidelines for traveling in general and motorbike traveling in specific with low costs are virtually essential for a lot of people, especially those who try for the first time.
They will help to encourage bodies who want to go but be worried about the costs and indirectly help those having traveled find other cheaper ways to make their journeys.
What’s the matter with sharing of cheap motorbike tours?

Foreigners are conscious about the prices, let alone Vietnamese

If you are a frequent visitor of foreign travel blogs, you will not be strange to posts like traveling around the world with budget XXX/day, visiting Bangkok with YYY cost or how to go around Europe with the lowest fee? And so forth. That you – bloggers, want to sleep in hotels does not mean that others can do the same. You afford to buy tickets for castle tours, but you can not prohibit others from taking pictures outside. You enjoy local cuisines, but you can not thwart others from purchasing fast food or noodle in convenient stores…

The fundamental factor of any journeys rests on experiences, but towards travel bloggers, please do not mistake others’ experiences with yours.

Each person chooses to have different experiences, so do not judge others. Even foreigners are conscious about the price, let alone Vietnamese who are not as privileged as they are.
If bloggers still think that people travel for achievements, I am willing to answer that it is correct but not enough. Have you ever heard of the girl named Cassandra De Pecol – the first female traveling to 196 countries very briefly, within three years and three months? She stayed in each nation for a brief time.

Do not exaggerate about the costs
We should have posts about this so that travelers can have better pictures of their journeys and they can be released from the burden of finance. However, do not make it ways far from the truth like traveling around Europe with only 40 million VND. Be a smart traveler.

Guidelines For Cheap Motorbike Tours: Read Or Not?
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