Hanoi’s night street food – 10 most delightful but inexpensive dishes

Being one of the most lively cities in Vietnam during the daytime, Hanoi has a life of its own at night. Wandering the streets in the middle of the night in a bustling city like Hanoi, tourists should not forget to sample the diversified selection of night street food that will certainly deepen your cultural experiences like nowhere else in the world.

1. Noodle soup

Phở (noodle soup) is a well-known dish of Vietnam. Even when phở may be a daily dish, all its deliciousness can only be appreciated during winter nights in Hanoi. A smoking hot bowl of phở will dispel the cold of winter and warm up the belly of those who have a late meal.

For a good taste of phở, you can come to Pho Mau Dich on Ly Quoc Su Street; Pho Tu Do on Cau Go Street or Pho Thin on Lo Duc Street. If it’s already really late in the night, you should go to Hang Buom Street or Tran Quang Khai Street, Plump Lady’s chicken noodle soup behind Dong Xuan Market or the phở stand at the intersection of Hang Duong Street and Hang Chieu Street.

2. Sticky rice

A dish that cannot be missed while exploring Hanoi’s nightlife is sticky rice. From greasy pork sticky rice, sweet-smelling sticky rice wrapped in cudweeds to glossy corn rice with fried onion that will awaken all your senses, it’s safe to say a wide variety of sticky rice will give you a whole new impression of nights in Hanoi.

Feel free to venture to Nguyen Huu Huan Street for Xoi Yen, corn rice, steamed glutinous rice, fried rice, mixed sticky rice on La Thanh Street, near Giang Vo’s crossroad. If you want to have a taste of cudweeds sticky rice, go to Cau Go Street or Dong Xuan Market and for other options, go to No.25 Lo Duc Street.

3. Stewed sweet chicken noodle

Stewed sweet chicken noodle is a very nutritious and popular food during the night time in Hanoi. Chicken soup for this dish is the chicken broth combined with herbs to create the light sweetness for noodles. Adding in some vegetable and sauteed mugwort will rid the dish of the dullness and even spice up the chicken soup more.

Addresses to grab a good dish of stewed sweet chicken noodle: Intersection of Hang Bo Street and Luong Van Can Street (5 pm – 11 pm); Intersection of Cam Chi Street and Tong Duy Tan Street.

4. Fried rice

Fried rice as a nightly food will last you a long time. It is processed in some ways to create some dishes such as mixed fried rice, beef, and pickle fried rice, seafood fried rice, etc. Each type of fried rice has its unique taste.

Great spots for fried rice at midnight:

Tong Duy Tan Food Street has mixed rice with roasted chicken including a plate of fried rice, a bowl of chicken and a plate of pickles. Fried rice on Ma May Street is plain fried rice, beef and pickled on another separate plate. In addition to the traditional fried rice with beef and pickle, you can also enjoy fried rice with veggie and beef while brain omelet and fried green rice pie are also heart-warming.

Also, you can consider visiting some places below:

– Chicken fried rice, chicken noodle, boiled chicken leg: Intersection of Nguyen Du Street and Pho Hue Street.

– Mixed fried rice, phở and instant noodles: A very small alley that goes quite deep into O Cho Dua.

5. Fish noodle

The best-selling fish noodle dishes in Hanoi would probably be no other than the ones sold on the sidewalk of Hang Dau Street. With its long history, it attracts a huge number of diners. There are now many other food stores open in the same area to cater to customers’ needs.

6. Beef jerky salad

The beef jerky salad is a popular sidewalk dish in Hanoi. It can be found almost everywhere but the best place for beef jerky salad is likely nearby Hoan Kiem Lake.

These beef jerky salad stores open from 5 pm and last until 11-12 pm.

Another good location for good beef jerky salad is the store at No. 71 Lo Duc Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi (Open for sale from 8 pm to 12 pm).

7. Porridge

A bowl of porridge with pepper, chili powder, and herb will warm up your belly in the middle of the night. White porridge has the most variety ranging from porridge with pig’s offals as the simplest one to the more sophisticated dishes like chicken or duck porridge. Additionally, squid porridge and clam porridge are two options of seafood congee.

Good places for porridge at night: Ms. My’s chicken porridge – 47A Ly Quoc Su Street, Cam Chi Food Street, the intersection of Quan Thanh Street and Hang Bun Street, Tran Xuan Soan Street, Cao Ba Quat Street, student porridge on Cau Giay Street, Nguyen Quy Duc Street, etc.

8. Grilled squid, roasted chicken leg, boiled shellfish

At one end of Hang Gai Steet and Luong Van Can Street, there are nearly 20 stores of grilled squid.

Some stores of roasted chicken legs and boiled chicken in Hang Dau Street and Mai Hac De Street are crowded all year round.

If you want to try boil shellfish, you can stroll along Hang Bo Street to Luong Van Can Street or Cau Go Street.

9. Offals and beef barbecue 

The corner of Gam Cau Street is mesmerized with the smell of grilled offals and grilled beef but if you do not like it here, you can go to Pho Duc Chinh Street to enjoy wonderfully grilled beef.

10. Mixed fruits and lemon tea

To Tich Street is famous for its cool mixed fruits, whereas you can also have a taste of fatty caramel in Hang Than Street and if you still want more, try the hot stuffed sticky rice balls at one end of the street.

If you want to find a place for lemon tea to chill and chat, you can visit Nha Tho Street, Ly Quoc Su Street, and Dao Duy Tu Street, etc.

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