On summer, the youngers in Sai Gon flock into learn the guitar

Don’t have to go to school, many pupils and students call for each other to learn the guitar to satisfied indulge and know more a entertaiment skill interesting.

Le Hoang Oanh, the student of Economic University, TP HCM, shared: “When i see the guys play guitar, i’m so adorable. One people play ans everyone sing aroung, so excited”.  Think that the girl play guitar will be cooler and stronger, so this girl determined to learn “as good as people”. After class, this 9x girl had the basic music theory, started play and sing some basic chord such as Walt, Slow, Tango…

At the 30/4 park, take the guitar, Oanh presses notes of Cay dan sinh vien song and shake to the chord. When listen the her clearly voice, some friends follow too, someone sing in parts and make a “spontaneous chorus” attract all of the eyes.

At the top of  “best student” in class, Tran Hoang Huy, 6th grade pupil of the AIS international school, can’t hide the happy when talk about guitar: “I have learned the guitar than 1 years ago, and now i sing-along rather songs. Before i just like to play game, take the ipad in everywhere, but since my mother have tellen me go to play guitar. Nowaday, i always take my guitar when go outside with family”.

Huy told that, in previous day, i crazy for game, i usually stay in a corner, play alone, not communicated with anyone. Since i have known play guitar, i started step out of my “shellfish” and bring the happy for my family in freetime. “Sometime i sing-along for my sister sings and dances, my parents improvise too, so make a family band”. The boy smile so proud and told that this summer his sister will registerd to learn guitar too.

Ms.Nguyet Thu take  her sweet daughter to class and go out to waiting for her, she confides that: “Beacause i want my child braver, moreover i understand that learn guitar can help the children smarter, more creative too, so i register to play Ukulele for my child. Learn how to play the instrument is the way my child is relaxed, joyful after the time study so stressful”.

The young mom told that, from the date known practice piano sing, her children become more confident, no longer shy as before. She may stand before the people to sing just above. “Today, then, the birthday of her father, she was just hugging his guitar and sang happy birthday it is moving. Many people ask where learn to their children attend study guitar as her child”, Mrs. Nguyet Thu told.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Chairman, co-founder of Southeast Asian Guitar Assembly, expressed joy as more and more young people go back to like traditional instruments as guitar. “The sound of guitar does not only help you enjoy with music, relieve stress, but also makes you confident to express themselves,” young teacher commented.

Currently, there are many training centers are opened above to serve the needs of learning guitar, but how to choose a quality educational institution still is what makes many people wonder. With 13 years experience playing genres such as POP, Semi-classic, Finger Style, Mr. Tuan advised the youth training centers want to choose quality above under the following six criteria:

1. Teaching method

Besides manual instrument, let’s see the center’s teachers have focused on music theory training to learners master knowledge or not. With a solid foundation of music, students will easily handle music in style.

The process of teaching and learning be committed by the center from the beginning to the participants. Modern teaching methods, lesson system to help students grasp the knowledge and skills efficiently and save time. Besides, training institutions also focused above all the assessment after each course.

2. Quality teachers

Lecturers good is essential for learning guitar. He or she needs good teaching skills, graduated from the academy, music pedagogy centers, experienced and enthusiastic about teaching, how inspiring learners love and passion .

3. Curriculum

The curriculum includes both theoretical and practical training, bringing higher usability for learners easily absorb. Many centers will use textbooks compiled separately but should have a reliable source of reference.

4. Adherence between practitioners and center

All business, especially business education must focus learner serve. Besides teaching, the center should have the tools to track academic progress of each student as contacts, track learning patterns. The number of participants should only 6-10 people in a class. Learning music is to learn skills so necessary hands-direct, less the amount learned. If the center has organized extracurricular lessons help students have more practical knowledge, learn from each other exchanges will be a plus point.


You should find out where study suitable with your personal preferences or not (for example around a quiet space), convenient for traveling from home, school, workplace to training centers.

6. Facilities at the center

The equipment as musical instrument, furnished, bookshelf must be equipped, light and room temperature properly help learners prepare comfort is what you are interested.

Currently, some training centers in developing countries are adopting modern technology in teaching. For example, using the system Head-Amps (headphones directly into musical instrument), participants focused on the sound of their own herd without being influenced by the other students. “In order to most accurately assess before choosing the face to send in gold, you should request participants with hearing or trial lesson first and then decide,” Mr. Tuan noted.

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