Vietnamese “Ubein teak bridge”

Ubein Bridge is one of the longest and oldest teak wood bridge, located in the ancient capital Mandalay, Myanmar. This is also a great and romantic spot for sunset. But you do not have to go that far to contemplate a teak wood bridge. Just where is this bridge?

Hình Ảnh Vietnamese "Ubein teak bridge" Kênh Kiến Thức Và Tri Thức

Contemplate the longest wood bridge in Vietnam

The longest wood bridge in Vietnam is Binh Thanh bridge, also known as Ong Cop Bridge, located in Tuy An, Phu Yen. This is also the last bridge in the province. It is 400 meters long, across Binh Ba estuary, which flows to Tien Chau Harbour.

Ong Cop Bridge connects the small villages in the Northern An Ninh Tay commune (Tuy An district) with Song Cau town. The bridge was made completely from wood and bamboo, so it has its own natural and charming beauty. It is also across the beautiful O Loan lagoon, therefore it is chosen by many travellers to be a spot for resting and taking breathtaking photographs.

Ong Cop Bridge is only 1.3 to 1.8 meters wide and bamboo was used for its handrail on both sides. It has been built for a long time, so there are a few depression spots, thus raising the bar for anyone wants to cross the bridge by motorbike. The best moment here is when the sun sets. The scenery of Ong Cop Bridge at that time is like a splendid watercolour painting, which can impress any travellers.

Reaching Ong Cop Bridge is not a difficult task because it is only 100 meters away from 1A highway. Many travellers have passed this bridge to shorten the time to Da Dia reef. At one bridgehead, there is a small thatched cottage as a charges-collecting station with the fee is from 3000 – 5000 VND for one motorbike crossing the bridge.

Vietnamese “Ubein teak bridge”
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