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Lá IV. The Emperor – Harry Potter Tarot

IV. The Emperor

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The principle of patriarchy, male rule and fatherhood, force of life, realization of power, god-father, victory of man over nature through inventiveness and science, structure and order, logical thinking, naming and understanding the world, analysis as the basis for action, reason, aggression


As a card the Emperor signifies the male order of things 다운로드. It stands for civilization, laws and rules of society, science and research that cures and improves mankind’s lot, the willingness to take the lead, to take responsibility, to provide and to keep the weak ones safe are also attributes of this card 트루스케이트 다운로드. In a spread the card signifies that we are ready to achieve status and authority or to take the lead in a new project, but also that we are somewhat wary of our emotions and more likely to trust our intellect 다운로드.

The Emperor and Empress work best when they are in harmony, when they respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses and support each other 다운로드. The Empress out of control is tsunamis and earthquakes, the natural world grinding us into the ground to reshape mankind into the next experiment of evolution without regard for intelligence, beauty or emotion 다운로드. The Emperor out of control is polluted air, radioactive waste, the intricacies of science abused to kill the earth and other people for the illusion of absolute power and control 다운로드.

Exploring the Card            

Arcana 3 and 4, the Empress and the Emperor, stand for the archetypes of mother and father 다운로드. So from Harry’s perspective I decided they’d have to be Lily and James. James is shown with his animagus form, the stag, seeing that that ability of his had so much influence throughout the story, by determining both Harry’s and ultimately through Lily even Snape’s patronus 시드노벨 다운로드. I wanted to contrast his surroundings from those of Lily by showing her in a form of domesticated nature in a garden, and his out in the wild of the forest 파워디렉터 17 다운로드.

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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