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Lá VIII. Justice – Harry Potter Tarot

VIII. Justice

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Justitia, the judge, the harmony of the universe, the goddesses Maat, Themis and Nemesis, fairness, truth, balance, reward and punishment, gaining distance from one’s own subjective view of the world and taking other standpoints into consideration, a law-suit or other legal matter 다운로드.


The Toth Tarot has the old Egyptian goddess Maat as the personification for Justice 다운로드. Maat was present at the judgment of souls in the afterlife where she put a feather on the scales when the dead person’s heart was examined. If the heart was heavier than her feather – i.e 다운로드. the deceased had unbalanced justice by his misdeeds, his heart was fed to the crocodile god Sobek and that was the end of that. If the feather was heavier than the person’s heart, Osiris would welcome them to all the pleasures of the afterlife 다운로드.

Therefore the Justice card exhorts us to be fair, and to realize that we may be confronted with the results of our choices 검과 마법. If we have chosen badly we need to restore the balance and make amends. We may also be too preoccupied with the rules and too little with emotions and the concept of mercy and generosity internet explorer 8 한글.

Exploring the Card              

This card is a little guilty of sacrificing traditional meaning to the artist’s personal

whim 카트라이더 슈퍼러쉬 다운로드. Basically this is a joke at the expense of good old Aleister Crowley, who drew up the figure of Maat for the Toth Tarot. Maat’s feather became the attribute of Justice in Crowley’s deck 포스터 이미지 다운로드.

Well, Umbridge is meting out her own warped justice with her sadistic feather detention treatment, and so she made the cut for Justice, standing before the great Ministry seal that warns offenders that ignorance does not excuse any wrongdoing 다운로드. Of course if Justice also stands for the retribution for creating bad karma, at least Umbridge can serve as a case study and a warning.

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper


Kiến Thức - Tri Thức 1805


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