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Lá VI. The Lovers – Harry Potter Tarot

VI. The Lovers

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The principles of decision and of belonging, Eros, the connection of male and female, the joining of opposites, the soul-mate, anima and animus, Hercules at the crossroads, finding completion, realization that true unity can only come from inside, readiness to open up to someone else, deciding what one needs rather than what one wants 다운로드.


“The Lovers” as a card has two traditions: in one it depicts a true couple as lovers, in the other tradition this card is called “The Choice” and shows a young man standing between an older dark-haired woman and a younger blonde one, and he has to decide between them 다운로드. The second tradition is said to go back to the story of Hercules who as a young man encountered to women, one promising him an easy life of pleasure and indulgence but of obscurity, the other one a life of pain and deprivation that would make him famous throughout the known world 다운로드. Hercules chose the second offer.

When drawn, “The Lovers” may mean that you find a balance within the male and female elements within yourself, the finding of your soul-mate and readiness to open yourself completely to another person, but also a conflict between different attractions or the need to choose 다운로드.

Exploring the Card    

Tonks and Lupin are the perfect couple that shows both traditions of the card at the same time 대신증권 cybos 다운로드. Obviously the two are lovers, but in Deathly Hallows Lupin is also called upon to choose: between the call of the moon that transforms him into a beast and the call of duty towards his wife and unborn son that make him into a responsible father 다운로드. The choice isn’t easy for Lupin.

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